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Noa is a smart caring and conscientious fee only financial planner. She helped a client of mine by analyzing her finances and providing concrete short and long term recommendations. Noa gave my client good sound advice and peace of mind. Priceless!

L Samuels  Oh So Organized
Westchester County, NY

I have known Noa for several years and I have been consistently impressed by her professionalism, empathy for her clients, organizational skills and wide range of knowledge, particularly  financial acumen.

Jessica Bacal Esq, PC
Mt. Kisco, NY

Noa helped me gain control of my money . She's been honest, cheerful and well worth it. I recommend her without reservation.

C Stevenson, Director & Producer
New York & L.A.

Noa is a gem and I am sure you will be happy with her financial planning expertise and efforts.

S Diamond, Wealth Advisor
Hartford, CT

Noa helped me to define my financial goals, create a financial plan to follow and help to stay on track with coaching. Noa has a strong ethical compass and nothing made her happier than my achieving my goals.

J Turner, Paralegal
South Carolina

Noa helped me to organize my whole financial picture. She was very responsive, sensitive to my siutation and non judgmental.

Noa is my go to person for everything money.

JB Graphic Designer
Ulster County, NY

I I hired Noa to review my current financial situation and retirement savings to ascertain how best to manage my finances so that my savings last me all through my golden years. She provided me with a useful roadmap and compass to help me to best navigate my finances all throughout my retirement. I have already implemented many of her recommendations and I’m still working on others. 


Noa was attentive to my financial goals.  I greatly value and appreciate Noa’s advice and help. 


San Diego, CA

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